Friday, June 4, 2010

Tomorrow I'm Off

So tomorrow I'm leaving for about 7-9 day to ride around all the great lakes. It's going to be three KLR's , one old generation and two new generation bikes. We are going to try and camp on the third day and there after as much as possible and that all depends on the weather. Total miles will be around twenty six to twenty nine hundred miles. A lot for a week on a KLR and all away from home.

One stop I would like to make is the aerostitch store and the other is the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun Ferry along with sleeping on the Manitoulin island on lake Huron.


Standup_sitdown said...

Have a great trip, it's on my list of rides to do.

FATTKAW said...

Thanks Tom. I will be listing to some of your pod-cast while cruising down the road! :)

Kurt Bihler said...

I have done that trip many times. It is always magical.

FATTKAW said...

Kurt it was a great time. I'm already
tossing ideas around for a little different route.