Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The ZX-10R needs some love

I have to say my poor ZX-10R has been sitting in the garage quietly watching me ride the KLR out the door for the last three years. Now and then I would take her out for a spin but nothing huge like I used to do.
Last weekend I changed the oil on it and fired it up and it ran good till I stalled it pulling out of the drive. When I tried to fire it back up it just cranked and cranked then fired up. That really bugged me and made me think about what could of caused this.
Last year I put a fresh battery in her because when I was out with a friend the motor sounded like it stopped cranking suddenly. I was thinking low battery and the starter couldn't push it over on a compression stroke. The other thing it would do was start and instantly stall than fire back up with some throttle input.
Now putting these issues together makes more sense to me, bad crank or cam sensor. A little Google search pointed to a cam sensor. So I got one and put it in! :)

The Manual states the tank and air box must come out and this is true IF you still have the AIR injection parts in the valve cover. I have the block off plates installed so this is the easy route.
Remove both side lower and mid section fairings.

Cam sensor is on the right front side of the cylinder head and only held in with one bolt.
Connector is on the right side of the cylinder head and a small hand will get the ECM side off.
Then you need to get the cam side of the connector off of the mounting tab back on through from the right side of the bike.
The whole thing took less than a hour and the start and stall is gone.

Old sensor and new with no visual differences.
Well nuts always die young and are super expensive from the dealer and the hardware stores only have standard sizes. I use Desmo for getting them at a great price and good service..

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Stacy said...

Ooh, thanks for the Desmoparts.com tip. The stainless kit for SV650s looks awfully tempting.