Friday, July 16, 2010

Every bike has it's thing!

This KLR is killing low beam bulbs every summer and I think at this point I have spent more money on bulbs than oil. I was buying the special Sylvania bulbs like the silverstars or the ultrastars and I'm done paying that much.
I can't figure out why the bike is killing bulbs other than the KLR varies voltage greatly between idle and cruising RPM. Idle can be about 12.6 and cruising can go up to 14.5 volts and bulbs like a nice consistent voltage. The bulb should also be fairly isolated from vibration due to the whole fairing being rubber mounted. This time around I went with the plain jane Sylvania bulb and it's half the cost.

Something thats getting old.
Best way to do the bulbs is just go all the way and remove the whole upper assembly.

The clip is nice and tight and no room for the bulb to vibrate.
Just a little open circuit! :) or should it be :(
New totally standard bulb. If this one dies young I going to get a Phillips or a PIAA bulb and see how that goes.
The only other thing that can be recking the bulbs is off-roading but I have had old 70's bikes that seen harsher and way more off-roading and have never killed a bulb. Time will tell in about a year.

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Fiddle Mike said...

Nice post, good photos.

If the regulator isn't reading over 14.5V I think I'd be looking for a bare wire.