Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blackhawk farms raceway ride

Rode out to blackhawk farms raceway last weekend on the KLR and with two of my old buddys. The track was having a trackday and a guy Dan I used to work with was running his GSXR and my old boss was helping him out.

This was the first trackday I have ever seen where they had a vintage class, which is so cool to see some two strokes lapping. One guy had a CBX touring model going around while another was lapping around on a single cylinder bultaco. Mmmm, the smell of a two stroke is so nice and it always makes me feel like a kid when I did dirt bikes.

The motley crue, Jim, Jim, and Dave.
Dan running pretty good.

I love seeing people body position when turning. This guy was pretty fast but it was a unique trail braking posture. If you zoom the picture he's not even on the front brake at all. See his head is up and back and he's off of the tank.

This guy hauled ass. Posture was all standard race form, over the tank and his head is relaxed and forward. It was great sitting here on turn one watching him slide the back out while passing other riders.

This picture makes me wonder, all that $$$ for a nice MV and a nice loose chain!

It was a very good day of hitting some backroads to and from the track with old friends. Hopefully later this year I'll be riding back with another old friend when NESBA does a chili cook-off to raise money for air fences. T2 that means you!!

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