Monday, July 19, 2010

Backroading in Wisconsin

For the 3rd and 4th of July I had the opportunity to go back up to my Uncle's lake house in
Wautoma WI. I used to spend a good amount of time there and have not been back since 1998. The bike choice was the KLR since the chance of rain was high and I don't have dry gear for the ZX-10.
I really wanted to hop off the bike and get closer to the cows but they looked scared of me. The one thing I don't miss is the farmers dogs that always try and chase you in the spring time but by this time of year they learn that they won't catch you.

Typical WI roads, empty maybe a little more curvy than this most of the time.

A little toasty but not too humid of a weekend.
The one scary thing that happened on the way home involved a tow truck in front of me coming out of Princeton WI. I had a row of cars and a tow truck getting up to speed going south out of town with me in last. On a right hand turn the bike slipped both tires and I kind of thought it was just some farmers animal waste on the road. The next right turn another little rear tire slip so I backed off of the tow truck and realized I smell diesel fuel. Now I noticed every right curve fuel was pouring out of the trucks left tank -- his cap had to be off! A long straight came up and I came along side of him and sure enough the cap was just hanging on the safety chain. When he saw me getting his attention he let off the gas and then it really poured out. I had to get back behind him since on coming cars were coming and I got covered with fuel. It was all over my face shield and covered my saddle bags. I have to say the bugs came right off. :)

This is my Religion!
Coming from Illinois where fireworks are "illegal" you know I had to stop. The funny part is when you buy you also join the pyrotechnics association. LOL! They give you a list of spots you can legally blow them off.
A familiar sight when coming down RT47 in the summer time in Elburn IL.
You can bet money a train will be holding you up when passing through town. They used to stop and stay stop for some time but the good thing is now they seem to keep on rolling.

I didn't post any lake house pic's because I don't want to invade on my family's privacy.

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