Saturday, September 18, 2010

KLR tech day aftermath

Well I hosted another KLR tech day, the third one in the last year and a half. We knocked out only two doo's this time, but a few other odds and ends were done. Two 16 tooth front sprockets installed which really make the KLR a little less buzzy for the highway. Another guy got his brakes bleed and pads changed. Which reminds me I need a front set of pads for mine.
I never really got a chance to break out the camera while the tech day was going on and besides I don't think people always really want their pic's up on a blog.

Pic's above is the new generation of balancer plates and a spring that's WAY too long and really is useless after 5K miles. The balancer plate is OK but the new billet plate fits on the adjuster shaft a lot tighter and knocks down a little noise.

Gen 1 or 2007 or older KLR's balancer system was a huge mess that Kawasaki never addressed for the 10 years of production. As you see above the weld has snapped on the plate above and if not found the balancer chain is left to come off and grenade the motor..

Second issue is the spring ends were also know to vibrate off and leave zero tension on the chain when performing the manual adjustment. This spring was off a bike that the owner luckily never tried to manually adjust. Also the bike had under 5K and we never recovered the broken end of the spring. The spring end is know to sit at the pick-up screen for the oil pump and should never cause harm. I suggested a magnetic drain plug to the owner so if it still is floating around the plug will make it a home.

The man who keeps the KLR's in good shape and makes the new billet doo's is Eagle Mike.
balancer adjuster instructions and pictures

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Brady said...

Wow! Talk about a nuke for the motor. What fun. I took my BMW f650 3500 miles this summer and never thought of putting a a larger front sprocket on. That would have been such an easy way to keep the revs down... Next time.