Monday, October 25, 2010

Forking A Goldwing And A Burger

Well the riding season is winding down quick here in the land of Lincoln (that's Illinois if your a little behind on your state motto's) and by buddy's Goldwing has had a bad fork seal that need's love. I figured we could yank the forks out at my place and bring them to a dealer we trust for the rebuild. It would take two weeks to get the bike rolling again but really would save on the labor and having some piece of mind with the work.
While we were at it we bleed the brakes, which is a huge hydraulic system. Linked brakes, ABS, and the anti-dive system to get flushed out. The clutch fluid was also cleared out and was in desperate need for bleeding. The fluid came out looking light orange juice. We used I think about 40OZ of fluid total.
The last thing for the wing was the air filter since the bike had +40K and it was original. Let me tell you this was like dismantling the space shuttle. Everything behind the windscreen has to come off. I kept joking with Jim that this thing better be fucking dirty!!
Here's a abbreviated version, Filter on a wing..

We got really lucky with having two warm weekends in a row and the bike was back together ready to go out for a ride. Getting the bike back on two wheels took about three hours and put us through lunch and now around 2:30. A little late for my original idea of a few twisty roads about fifty miles away. The change of plans brought us to Nick's Tavern in Lemont IL. Years ago I would of said "NO" to ever trying this place again but with new owners and good on-line reviews, a second try turned out to be a winner.

Yep, I took out the Ninja again. Poor bike is really in need of some twisty roads like Missouri!
The burger that keeps Nick's doors open and now includes a smiling waitress.
After the burger and a bigger belly we putted over to the forest preserves for BS'ing and bad jokes.
It kind of felt like the old days when we used to a run together with the now defunct NITRO riders.
Hopefully I'll get out a bit more on the KLR and friends...


bluekat said...

Looks like a nice ride and great weather. Nice to see the ninja too, but then I'm partial. :)

The hamburger looks very good! That's what I get for reading blogs right before dinner!!

FATTKAW said...

yeah, the ninja doesn't get out much since the guys I ride with don't like going fast anymore but it's still nice to see the old farts!!! Truly kidding.

Brady said...

I don't know if you understand how happy it makes me to see other people doing their own bike maintenance. I'm glad you have a backup bike. (I understand the need, and have done the same thing) When you need to ride, you need to ride.