Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three years doing so!!

It's been three years doing this blog and I honestly still don't know why I really started it. I kicked it off with a overnight trip with some friends on Halloween weekend 2007. The same year I got the KLR which was a big difference from my ZX-10R, big like 120Hp less and a really sloppy frame and wooden brakes. What it did do was change the way I thought about the ride and how to take it all in. Instead of picking a destination for the weekend and getting there as fast as possible now I guess you could call it putting my way and feeling it's cool to take some pictures of the places that were a blur before.


Anonymous said...

I'm right with you there Jon, but the occasional blurr and the blood in the back of your brain is fun also.
It is the best to have both bikes capable of both worlds.

fiddle mike said...

Happy 3rd fucking anniversary. I've enjoyed your words and pics.

All Over The World said...

Well done Happy Birthday Ur 3 Yippee.

Well done, my Bike blog is about 4months old, and my trucking one about 2.5 yrs old

I started the bike Blog just to seperate the 2 subjects up, this one for things to let people know what I/we get up 2 and the Truck blog for stuff on work etc, but for a while the Truck Blog don't get up-dated as much as it used too and I put any old Bits and snaps on there, I started the Truck blog just as my brother had moved to Canada to drive for

Stacy said...


motoroz said...

Good job of keeping this up for 3 years. Congrats.