Sunday, August 14, 2011

get the trucks off of RT-129 Deals Gap

The terrain and layout of US Highway 129 is mountainous with multiple sharp curves, many outside the limits of tractor trailer vehicles' maneuverability. Because of this, the driver of the tractor trailer must compensate for the curves by utilizing the lane of oncoming traffic. This action often times results in vehicles being ran off the road, wrecks, and fatalities. Such a fatality occurred on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Dwight "Ike" Woodard, a seasoned, experienced, and habitually safe rider, was enjoying a ride with friends on his Triumph Speed Triple. According to law enforcement reports, a tractor trailer rig attempting to utilize US Highway 129 failed to maintain it's lane in a series of curves. The tractor trailer rig crossed into Ike's lane of travel, almost taking up his whole lane. Ike's motorcycle was ran over, but he survived. However, Ike lost his life en route to the hospital due to complications from the wreck.

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motoroz said...

I was in that area during July. Rode the Dragon 5 times and luckily never saw any big rigs, but I know they come through. It is a road on which big rigs can not stay in their lanes so they should not be allowed on it unless they can obey the laws. Hope the petition works.