Monday, August 15, 2011

RevZilla gift card giveaway winner

                                                     The winning shot is Bones!

                                              I want to thank all you guys for sending in your great bike pictures!!

So RevZilla  got a hold of me a few days ago and said they would love to do a gift card giveaway with a little photo contest right here. Click the RevZilla link and check them out. Personally I ordered a Bluetooth headset from them recently and guess what it showed up!! I never had to ask if it was shipped and I can't say that about the other on-line supply shops. The coolest part of the site is the ADV section. Here's a little link to there new Bell helmets. Anyone want to by me a retro Bell lid???

OK so you will have one week to get your best photo sent to me. The simply rules are this: your bike in any setting but it has to be your picture!! You being in the picture will add bonus points with the five judges. No Photoshopped pictures!!! Please one photo per entry. The winner will be picked 8/31/11.

 I will post the photos up on the blog in the order they come in and only use you first name and a location of the photo. Please send to and include ALL your info if you want the gift card. If you sent me a picture and I have yet to post it please let me know. One guy I know is having issues.  I also use thie E-mail --- 
Good luck!!
                                       Mike and Jill at Red Mountain Pass, Colorado. Thanks mike!

                                                Micah, south on 550 out of Ouray, CO.

                                                                 Mike in southern MN.

                                          Andrew (taking picture) and Joe (pictured) with our KLRs near Yellow
                                                     Mountain north of Highlands, NC.

                                                        Glenn at the Grand Isle out on Rt-1

                                               Dennis at Theodore Roosevelt National Park N. Dakota


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