Monday, September 5, 2011

The last few weeks

  Every year around this time I get the bug to ride as much as I can. Summer is ending and I always have rides that were put off. The Colorado trip was a HUGE bummer but the last few weeks have been really special.
                         A simple ride to the Peoria TT races and another visit to Tower Park..
                                         Hope you like heights!!!

 A little break coming home from the TT. The thumpers were really buzzing our hands from cruising the slab for so long.

 Second little trip was all back roads to my uncles lake house but with the catch of my 11 year old daughter hanging on. Total trip was 485 miles and 13+ hours and she did great. Of course there was complaining but I expected all that.
                                        sneaking a picture up on the grass and me in the cornfield to get the shot.
                                                 Lots of fishing and a great time hanging out with my cousin and Aunt.

                                         Some little town with there own Hydro-power plant.

                                                       A stop at aunt judys.

                                            And this weekend at the Springfield mile .

Of course the plate that every KLR owner wants but I never though I would see it. How weird is that ??
                                               Pan shot of the mile and it's oval not D shaped

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