Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lost Art of Art

   Being one for art and one of the few reasons I made it out of high school by having a little inner school escape with art class, I found it really nice to see this mural being made. Rob is also a art teacher and in some ways in the same boat as me as the way he made it through school.
  I stopped for a picture and to actually stop and take all in and how much him and his partner on the project have gotten done. I didn't go there with the intention to chat but Rob walked over to me and we had a great conversation about the mural and the story is brings.
  We had a little conversation about how schools are dropping the extras like art, auto shop, woodworking  and anything that you really have to combined the hands and the mind to create.
  This is Rob's second mural in Lemont IL and kudos to the town for allowing him to do his best..

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