Friday, September 6, 2013

The Three Givi E55 Fixes

   I think I got the lemon of the Givi boxes with this one! I'm kidding but I did have my worries of Italian electronics and how they would hold up. First issue was the remote would not pop the trunk at times or just not at all. The two options that would get it working would be to unlatch the box from the mounting plate or open the box with the key and hit the learn button. This would make it work for a while but never long.
 The contacts have been breaking down from vibration or in a more defined reason it's called fretting. My fix for this is to wipe the contacts off with your finger and add a dab of Di-electric grease. It's been working non-stop for the last month without resetting.
 This the base plate contact with grease added and a little dirty but not too bad. I figured I'll clean and grease it with every bike wash.
 you can see the erosion of the contacts from the vibration and electricity going through it at the same time.  
 The box contacts are looking better than the base plate contacts.

 Little dab of fresh grease and maybe a little too much. A 
Tube of grease should last you a few years unless you really ride in dusty areas or wash your bike a lot.

 The second issue was the box lid not staying up. The problem was worse when it was warmer out and in the sun. I think the spacer in the middle of the lid hinge is a hard rubber. 

 This is a very simple fix that you can really mess up with a ham fist, so please be soft and have some finesse. Take the hinge off the box with the two screws and fold the ends together. Put the peened side up on a very hard surface. Use a ball peened hammer and any other light hammer. Ball peened end goes on the peened area of the hinge and lightly tap the peening hammers flat side. Also, you will need a helper unless you have three hands! Just tap it and see if you made a change in the stiffness of the hinge. Repeat till you can tell a difference and it won't take much of a change to keep the lid up. Remember your going to do this to both hinges so it's really going to be stiffer.  

 The last thing was the led brake lights died in less than 400 miles. Now that's some durability---NOT!
I was pretty pissed with this one just because it failed so quick. 
What you see in my hand is the lid side of the led contacts. Givi thinks it a good idea to soldier or tin the ends of the wires and then stick them in and jam the set screws down. The wires were also routed bad and stuck between two sections of trim. Not enough to damage it but not where it was meant to be.
I just noted the blk/wht wires went to the right contact and cut the wires back a little and re-stripped and put them back in. You will need a little screwdriver to do the fix and I suggest the smallest handle so you have less torque and will avoid over tightening the set screws. I also zip-tied the wires as you can see to cut vibration. This fix has lasted 4000 miles.

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Same case here, and had much of the same problems, but for some reason, I still love the case.

The remote unlatching thing was a huge disappointment, for a while, and I got locked out of the trunk a few times because I was depending on the remote to unlock it, and it would fail, and I had to break into it once - really made a mess of it, and GIVI was SOME help...

They didn't care about the damage I caused, but they did send me an entirely new KIT for the unlocking portion, that I had to wire in - better routed than they originally did, I might add - including a new circuit board, remote-fob, contacts, etc. It took me a few hours, I think, and it was tedious, but it's rock solid now, and I never had a problem with the new electronics... I noticed the circuit board on the FOB is now blue, when the original one was green, if I remember correctly.

The upper screws on the hinges are constantly loose, and when I tighten them, the lid stays up. This is super annoying, because this "fix" lasts only a day or two and then the lid keeps falling on my hands again. I might try your fix, after some more contemplation.

My brake light wiring was cleaned up when I installed the replacement opening-electronics, so hopefully I dodged that bullet. Good day.