Friday, September 20, 2013

The Treehouse With The Gods.

Vacation time and out for my first and only short road trip for the year. My riding buddy switched jobs and could not come along so I was solo once again. The plan of attack was to ride backroads all the way down to the Shawnee forest at the southern tip of Illinois and get some hiking in.
The first stop down was Arcola for a late breakfast and it was a nice surprise to see these murals all over town. Here is a >>link<< for more info why these are all over the main strip.

 I would of shot them all but the weather was 95F+ and wearing full gear with hours more seat time to be done, I just stopped for these two. They were done about a year ago and still look nice and bright.


 So this is such a neat treat to find smack in the middle of two great hiking spots, Garden of the gods and then Rim Rock.
My treehouse was  at this great place called Timber Ridge Outpost & Cabins. What a unique placed to stay once again like last year when I did the wigwam village. The placed was clean and fresh and the A/C was kicking for my sweaty beat soul.  I was amazed by how comfy the house was and to be up in the treetop was neat.
Marty and Elizabeth are the owners and are very nice. They are retired out of the Chicago area and actually Marty is from my town of  Romeoville.

 The house looks small from ground level but my bike looks small from the deck all the way up here. It can actually sleep six and the best part was complementary coffee and not one of those crappy hotel room machines but a real maker with a whole can of grounds at my liking. 


 Some of the supports for the floor joist really using the tree
My mourning coffee spot before spread all my clothes and gear all about. The things you see and hear are awesome on the deck. During the day I saw a humming bird hanging around, praying mantis, bullfrogs and little lizards that escaped my camera lens.  As the sunset on my first night I went out to a open area and watched two bats dance with each other, catching what was for them breakfast. Night time sounds were tree frogs, cicadas, owl, coyote and some cow that sounded sad it was in a field at night.  


Hiking at the gods was very pretty and extremely quiet. The whole time I was here I saw no one and had it all to myself. I can recommend doing this on a weekday and when schools is in session is suggested.











 Hmmmm, Where to park?? Being a ghost town, I had the added bonus of not having to hide to change my pants for shorts. I did catch a squirrel peeking.






Indian point overlook trail is a definite must do. 1.7mile loop and not too hard with nice cool weather. The one thing I can tell you is I got lost or I should say not on the intended trail. The state has blue arrows on the trees and somewhere along the loop I missed the turn. I took a much bigger loop and got to see a more rock face walls and really enjoyed it.

Nice backroads going back north up the road to my treehouse for a shower. Southern Illinois gravel roads are better to run fast opposed to up here since they don't pour on the loose rock.

 I didn't get many more shots of Rim Rock other than these.
 I have to clue what the nickname is for this section of the trail but I think the hallways is fitting. BTW: It was really creepy walking through here by myself with the light fading and nobody around. 

 On the way home I found Big John bringing out the groceries in the town of El Dorado IL.
 The whole High School class got a square for their name on the wall in the town of I think Enfield IL.

I almost feel home once I see The launching pad muffler man but really about 25 miles till home. The total trip was 780 miles. The quiet treehouse and all that went with it is missed but a placed I will be going back to next sprig/summer.


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