Friday, November 21, 2008

delayed and taking my time

So I was waiting to head over to my dad's house to get a hole saw to cut out for the switch for the heated grips, but life has gotten busy. My last uncle passed away over the weekend and oddly enough it was the same day my mom died two years ago. They were siblings. Also the baby is grouchy and sick, so disappearing into the garage is tough.
I was able to get my turn signals ordered last Saturday. On the 2008 KLR650 they were dry rotting and falling off at the end of warranty or just out of. This ticked me off and I went around the KLR forums and asked owners that had issues to report to Lucky as it was over 90 owners reported in a month and it received attention. One forum member had a NHTSA inspector come look at his bike and in two month it was a recall.
Before I posted the info to the forums there were only two complaints so I like to think I really helped out to get this done.
Cost on the T/S for all four are over two hundered buck and thats the last think I'm dropping $$ on.

HERE's some recall pic's of the new T/S

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