Saturday, November 22, 2008


Finally went over to my dad's and picked up his hole saw and a small file. We tested hole sizes because some people were saying a 13/16th hole saw was too big and the switch would move around. After a try with a 3/4 saw it was perfect. You can see in the pic their is a key way to keep the switch aligned in the hole. so I grabbed a small file from Dad also. He has all the perfect tools.
I decided to label the wires before going any farther and forgetting in ten minuets. The wife has a label maker and only took a second. Besides next year it would be a big guess where they went if it needs to come off again.

The plastic is really soft and flexible and cut beautiful.
You can see how clean and smooth the plastic cut.

Notching for the switch key way. Didn't take much work it get it right.

On the back the support rib need it be trimmed and cut away nicely with a razor.

Switch in place and fitting properly.

The kid testing out the grips with the bike running. They get hot fairly quick on high running on 14 volts.

So I did the head bearings two weeks ago and these are the only pic's I took. I for some reason HATE doing head bearings. It's basically the grease that bugs me, messy and get on everything. there's only one grease To use and it's a heavy farm grease that is used on tractors. It's waterproof meaning it won't wash out and it's still a high pressure type. I've done head bearings on all of my bikes that I restored years ago. The races were in poor shape and the cost was minimal.

The upper outer race was easy and pounded out. The lower was a different story and could not be pounded out. The race was unreachable with a punch. The dremel had to be used to relieve the press fit. You have to cut the race almost total through to the outer edge and then use a sharp chisel to whack the slot you just cut. Don't forget the safety glasses!!! The bearing races are a hardened steel and will chip away and will find your eye.
At work I do a simmilar thing with rear ends on the vans and trucks. I had a piece chip out and get stuck in my forearm, it didn't go deep but it hurt.

Ready to go again and this sunday is going to be 47 degrees. Hope to run it and see how well the grips work. Also get the engine break in finished up.

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